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Panasonic YE18TKY 1.5 Ton Air Conditioner


NPR 127,990


Warranty : 10 Years

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Quick Cooling: Cools room faster at start-up. Model: YE18TKY
Constant Comfort: Easily maintains set temperature to keep you comfortable.
Energy saving: : Varies compressor rotation speed to reduce wasteful consumption of energy.
Inverter Compressor: Panasonic Inverter Compressor can achieve high efficiency under high load conditions
PM2.5 Filter: Because of size of PM 2.5, easily penetrates deep into the lungs while breathing, causing asthma, cardiac arrest and lung cancer. It can cause congenital conditions like birth defect and premature deaths. Therefore Panasonic Air Conditioner’s PM2.5 Filter provides you healthy air free from dust particles with size as low as PM2.5 Removal rate of 85%.

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Weight 11 kg


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